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Haven't updated this blog for almost 20days... was hospitalized for operation of appendicitis!
The operation itself was ok, took only 2 hours and well succeeded. After the operation, eating and drinking was perfectly prohibited. Even a glass of water was not allowed for 2 days. (*T0T) After that 2days, doctors observed AttA's health condition carefully and AttA was able to drink and then eat little by little.

Now, AttA is back sweet home and enjoys life again. It is just so wonderful to spend a day healthy and in my won way!

It is getting warm these days, has spring come? AttA went to Izu Peninsura for the first time this year, to look for spring.
Yes, there was! Look at these strawberries!

Nirasaki-cho in Izu is famous for strawberries and there are lots of houses where we can harvest strawberries and eat fresh ones. Those houses are open till early May.

After that, AttA went to her favorite Sushi restaurant. AttA loves Japanese omelet the master cooks (right-hand corner) and his maguro (tuna) sushi so much. The restaurant was crowded with people enjoying spring fresh fishes and lots of smile were there!

This is the ekiben (obento sold at railway stations and at airports) AttA bought the other day at Tokyo station. AttA likes crispy fried chicken so as soon as AttA found pieces of fried chicken as side dish, AttA bought it. Other than that, it has ketchup taste fried rice (another AttA's favorite), deep fried shrimp, potate salad and pickled vegetables. It was JPY 1100, a bit expensive for obento, but was so yummy!

Never forget trying ekiben when you come Japan. There are hundreds of choices so AttA is sure you will find your favorite one!

Interested in Japanese style fried chicken recipe? Check this page -> http://www.obento-atta.com/page/3
AttA went to pufferfish restaurant. The fish contains toxic in organs to protect themselves but Japanese eat the fish. Only licenced chef can cook and serve pufferfish dishes so no worry. (^0^)\
Traditionally, they are served as Sashimi dish, crispy fried dish and hot pot dish. To enjoy their delicate taste, their meat is usually sliced so thin and served on a beautiful dish so that you can enjoy the dish by eye and by taste.

AttA has heard that there is Pufferfish obento sold in southern Japan but has never eaten ti.
How famous is Sukiyaki in your country? AttA thinks Sushi or Sashimi should be more famous overseas and is not sure if you know this Japanese hot pot dish. The dish is seasoned with soy souce, sake and sugar and we eat it dipping the ingridents to beaten egg in a small bowl.

Given that this is a typical winter dish, and use beef (which is expensive in Japan) as ingrident, typical Japanese don't eat it often, probably 2~3 times per year. Accordingly, we get excited with the dish very much and make it at gathering.
This is the one AttA enjoyed at Yonezawa, a region famous for beef. It was just so yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!

AttA loves hot pot meals in winter. It is easy to cook, and due to variety of ingredients, you would never be tired of those We have traditional soy sauce, miso taste, but these days soy milk-based, or even kimuchi or curry taste are popular.

AttA enjoyed the hot pot meal in traditional manner at Yonezawa. Ingredients were variety of mushrooms, chicken balls and vegetables. In a chilly winter, it is the best to warm up your heart and body. Try!

Have you ever tried Ekiben in Japan? Ekiben means obento sold at railway (airport) stations and generally you can choose from variety of obento.
AttA took this one when travelling to Yamagata last month. They cook this dish putting lots of vegetables, shrimp, boiled egg, chicken balls and so on, on top of sushi rice and steam them. We called this as 'Mushi-sushi (steamed sushi)'
Different from typical sushi, the dish is cheap and has lots of vegetables. And, it was very YUMMY!

At the Japanese hotel AttA stayed last month, dinner was served at the hearth. It was such a heart-warming dining.
The pic is one of the nicest dish, grilled rainbow trout and Japanese scallop. A trained cook grilled them in front of us and served them

hot. With Japanese sake, the dinner was so memorable!
If you don't know where to stay that meet your interest, please message us, we are happy to help!
How was your new year holidays? Surely, you enjoyed it!

AttA enjoyed the holidays as well, visited Fukushima and Yamagata (the Tohoku region in Japan) to enjoy hot springs in snow, then joined snow-shoe tour. Came back Tokyo and made the first visit to shrine to pray for this year's health and good luck・・・

The pic is AttA in front of the hotel in Yamagata. It was such a heavy snow, so AttA assisted snow shoveling! \(^0^)/~~~

AttA took once a year medical examination. Of course, everything was ok!
While waiting for the results, the hopsital offered us a free lunch at their cafeterior. The pic is the lunch, of course, a traditional obento!
The obento's calory, salt content and carbohydrate are carefully designed, so it is one of the perfect diet for adults. It tasted nice.

Obento for AttA's husband the other day.

He likes this lunch box as it is slim so that it securely sits in the bottom of his bag, preventing liquid from leaking out of the bento box.
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Wao, time flies and it's December!
In Japan, December is the busiest month, as we have lots of year-end parties ('Bounenkai'), have to do year-end house cleaning, need to prepare Osechi (food to eat at the beginning of the year. Usually, cook for 3days dining and serve them for customers), have to write new year card, go to year-end travel and etc...

However, a slow time is still with AttA! (^o^)f Went to a park with obento and enjoyed quiet park in the afternoon!

AttA went to the Chrysanthemum exhibition held at Mishima, this weekend. Under the beautiful sky, the park the exhibition was held was so crowded but we enjoyed gorgeous flowers.
In Japan, Chrysanthemum is very popular and some elementary schoold teach students how to grow up the flower and each student takes care a pot throught a year.

In the park, lots of families enjoy the warm day painting in water-colors and eating obento.
It's getting cold day by day and summer vegetables are out of season and AttA is enjoying winter vegetables, such as red turnip, pumpkin, broccoli and Japanese white raddish.

Today's obento is a bit gorgeous as AttA had 'Yakiniku (grilled meat)' as main diish.
Other than that, side dishes are of those winter vegetables. Interested in the lunch box? Visit here -> http://www.obento-atta.com/product/12

These days AttA is busy to watch sports on TV. Last week we had a Grand-Prix series of figure skating and Hanyu, the Japanese gold medalist at Sochi, participated in. This week, ATP tour final of tennis is being held and Nishikori shows amazing performance to advance semifinals!

Today, we will have a Japanese national team's soccer game, and AttA's favorite players, such as Hasebe and Endo, come back to play as core members, which is the first time since the Brazil World Cup. So excited!
Menu was:

Steamed rice
Sauteed Japanese white raddish's leaves
Taro's croquette
Vege pickled in mustard
Pickled red turnip in vinegar

AttA is not a vegetarian, but as veges in autumn are so yummy to let me make a vege lunch!
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AttA spent last weekend at country side of Izu Peninsula. Izu is known for its calm climate, lot of hot spa and good seafood. Accordingly, famous spots, such as Atami or Shimoda, are very crowded on holidays but you can still find lots of quiet and cozy spots over there.
This is the view from Shuzenji and we could see rice fields after harvest.

What is your favorite sports? AttA likes running, swimming, studio exercise and also loves playing golf.
Yesterday, AttA and husband went to golf course near Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately, weather was not very nice and sometimes we could not look down the course due to dense fog but we enjoyed quiet and chilly air very much.

In Japan, it is common to take a lunch break after you finish rounding 9 halls. Every golf club tries to provide good lunch to attract more players and we had curry rice with deep fried chicken. It was so yummy!

Miso-soup is famous as Japanese unique soup and yes, we eat miso-soup at least once a day. Many families buy miso (bean basete fermented) these days but AttA's husband make it every year. He prepares it every Feb and now time comes to open and taste it!
Yummy!!! Tonight's miso soup is so gorgeous with large shrimp in it, but usually, we love vegetarian miso-soup, in which we put tofu, seaweed and some vegetables.

Typhoon #19, a super-typhoon, is coming and will hit Japan. The meteorological agency of Japan has held an urgent press conference, to warn the dangerousness of its rain and wind.
They expect the typhoon will land Japan tonight and will hit Tokyo in Thursday morning. Watch out!